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What is a concussion?

A concussion is an injury to the brain that causes changes to normal daily activities, such as behavior, mental, and/or physical abilities, etc., due to brain swelling.  A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that can cause significant symptoms and ongoing brain impairment.  Concussions can result from a direct or indirect force, or impact to the head or body, most commonly during a full contact sport, a fall, or a bike/car accident.  

When should I go to the Emergency Room? 

If any of the below concussion signs & symptoms are present, please go the Emergency Room ASAP…every second lost is a possible increase in long term damage!   

  1. Loss of consciousness
  2. One pupil (the black part in middle of the eye) larger than the other
  3. Convulsions or seizures
  4. Increased confusion;  cannot recognize people or places
  5. Unusual behavior;  unable to walk or talk normally
  6. Repeated vomiting

What type of healthcare provider treats concussion?

Concussion is still an evolving injury, so it is important to seek out providers that are considered concussion specialists with advanced education and training.  A concussion specialist has added experience in caring for concussions and understanding the many issues that may arise. Concussion specialists can also help you develop a thorough recovery plan based on your sport or lifestyle. They usually collaborate with a therapy team, allowing for a thorough evaluation of your condition.

Common Concussion Signs and Symptoms





Emotional or Mood Changes

Sleep Changes


*Head Pressure


*Balance     problems


*Fuzzy or blurry vision

*Feeling tired

*Light or Sound Sensitivity


*Difficulty thinking clearly

*Feeling slowed down, ”In a Fog”

*Difficulty concentrating

*Difficulty remembering new information

*Difficulty multi-tasking

*Memory loss



*More emotional than usual

*Nervousness or anxiety


*Sleeping more than usual

*Sleeping less than usual

*Difficulty falling asleep

*Difficulty getting restful sleep


Protect Your Brain! 

Concussions are serious injuries that often go unrecognized and undertreated. Returning to play too early after a concussion can result in serious long-term problems and ongoing brain impairment.   ChiroSports Inc. is dedicated to providing proper recognition, concussion treatment, and return to play education.  We promote a learning environment, where the patient/athlete (& parent) can understand their injury, concusssion treatment protocol and guidelines to minimize long-term effects. 

Dr. Ronald Hernandez is a sports medicine and concussion specialist who is highly trained in identifying and treating concussions.  He has served in numerous professional athletic events from the Mountain Dew Tour to NHL testing, providing both on-field assessments and physician evaluations.  He provides educational training for local sports leagues, such as the Lakes Youth Athletic Association.  Dr. Hernandez enhances his knowledge each year by completing continuing education hours, attending national sports symposiums, and maintaining current accreditation on the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (ACBSP) Concussion Registry.

Concussion needs to be taken seriously for baseline and post-injury.  We utilize multiple concussion assessments, except the ImPACT test.  We do not use the ImPACT test because it does NOT diagnose concussion, nor does it incorporate testing for the visual, balance, or coordination parts of the brain.  The ImPACT test simply measures only the thinking and reasoning parts of the brain, but lacks in those major areas.  The ImPACT test also comes at an additional cost to the patient.  We have had much success with using clinical experience and the proper assessment tools.

It is of utmost importance for early recognition in order to minimize the inflammatory process.  If caught early, the overall effects can be minimized, with shorter healing times, allowing patients to return safely to their normal activities with no limitations.  By comparing baseline and post-injury test results, subtle changes in cognitive function can be revealed to provide information about the player’s post-injury condition and track progress during recovery.  If your child, player, or adult experiences a concussion but has not yet had a baseline test, a post-injury evaluation is still highly recommended. 

Patient Concussion Testimonials

"I was walking down my driveway, when I was hit in the head by my daughter's basketball.  I felt a headache, dizzy, and loopy immediately.  I thought I might have a concussion because I just did not feel right that evening.  I made an appointment with Dr. Ron and he verified I did have a concussion, and explained to what extent of injury I had experienced.  He helped get through the injury quickly with treatment and rehab, while managing any issues that arose with healing my brain.  I am now back to feeling like myself again!"

Danelle C., Libertyville

"I was tapping a balloon back and forth with my toddler, when I slipped and feel on my elbow.  Immediately I felt dizzy, foggy, and palms sweating, which lasted all day.  My wife said I may have a concussion, but oddly, I did not hit my head.  Dr. Ron was able to get me in the next day.  He examined me and confirmed I had experienced a concussion, he said it was an "indirect concussion."  He helped me with the muscle spasms I developed and rehab.  He outlined what I will experience and guided me how to help heal myself.  I followed his advice and every day was better!  I made a full recovery."

John B., Barrington

"In my volleyball game, I was digging a ball when it hit me in the shoulder and head.  I felt nauseas and foggy immediately.  Later that day, I was dizzy with extreme headache.  I tried advil, but did not help.  I went to school the next day, but the lights and sounds made my headache much worse.  I went to my primary care doctor, they just said to take it easy for a few days, then return to normal activity.  This did not help.  It only got worse til I did not want to get out of bed or talk to anyone.  After 2 weeks of terrible pain and missed school, my mom found Dr. Ron online.  His office get us in the next day.  He helped my headache that day, and gave me an outline of what I will need to do to help heal my head, and provided the rehab to get my balance back.  After all the worsening time, Dr. Ron helped progressively heal my brain to full recovery, while testing me in the office.  I am now back to all my sports without any issues."

Audrey S., Lake Forest

Program services include:

  • Comprehensive neurologic evaluation
  • Comprehensive concussion evaluation
  • Baseline and post-injury neurocognitive SCAT5 testing
  • Individualized return to play guidelines
  • Monitoring rehabilitation and recovery for a safe return to play
  • Coordination with school or work for return to learn, or return to life
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Supplemental consultation
  • Physical medicine concussive treatment
  • Physical rehabilitative concussive treatment

If you or your child, player, or adult has been diagnosed with a concussion or want baseline testing, or need any assistance, please call 512.757.0094 to schedule an appointment.  

"I suffered a severe concussion at 13 years old.  I managed to get through school with allowances and courtesies, graduating high school in 2016.  Since I suffered the concussion, I had constant headaches, migraines, balance issues, sleep issues, and ultimately had to quit sports.  I have seen a couple dozen orthopedists, neurologists, and specialists.  In the end, I was only able to get relief with a IV prescriptive medication 1-2 per week and prescription 17 years old.  This helped me get by and dull the pain so I could minimally function.  I became very scared that the rest of my life would be like this.  I did not have much hope for any other doctors because I have seen everyone considered 'the authority.' 

My mom's friend was seeing this sports doctor, and he gave me a 15 minute free consultation.  In the first 5 minutes, I felt he knew how to fix me.  Dr. Ron did a lengthy examination-he said he was checking everything from normal brain stuff to my balance to my eyes.  It was exhausting.  We started treatment immediately, and I felt relief THAT DAY!  I was off medication the first month!  Now fully healed, I am going to college abroad and enjoying surfing!"

Devin W., Northbrook

What are my treatment options if you have a concussion?

First stop playing your sport and rest.  Call Dr. Ron at Hill Country Indoor, 512.757.0094, or consult a concussion specialist.

It is extremely important that you avoid any further hits to the head or concussions, as there are substantial damages that can result, extending and impairing the healing process.  If you have a history of chronic headaches, anxiety or depression, it may take longer or make it more difficult to adjust to the symptoms of a concussion.

Early management of concussions can make a big difference in identifying the symptoms and getting you back to sports or work sooner.  It’s best to first see Dr. Hernandez, who provides a concussion specialty program, or a concussion specialist. 

We are happy to answer any and all questions at 512.757.0094


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