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New Patient Information

For your Initial Visit, please bring:

  • Photo Identification
  • Credit Card and/or HSA (if applicable)
  • Health History Form (you can print and complete prior to arrival OR fill out in clinic-please allow 15 minutes PRIOR to appointment time)
  • Tank top and shorts for Assessment
  • For minors, a parent is required to be present on your first visit

Payment Questions?
We are a fee for service provider and do not accept medical insurance plans of any kind.  Fortunately, this makes your injury and recovery most important to us as a results based model.  By doing this we avoid unnecessary procedures, financial directed treatment plans, double-booking and triple booking patients, time wasting for the patient, and extra costs to the patient.  We manage your visits for proficiency and efficiency, and will progress you as quickly as possible without any managed care interference.

Your appointment time, is your appointment time.  New patients should expect to arrive 10-15 minutes early in case of changing or needing to complete paperwork.  We pride ourselves on our punctuality, but we are human, and at worst case can experience a 5 or even 10 minute delay due to emergencies or just being human.

We accept cash, check, credit card, and/or Health Savings Account (HSA) credit cards.  All accounts require a valid credit card on file, contact us for other arrangements.

Your first visit is of vital importance to us to listen to your injury/pain/limitation, get a thorough history, examine, diagnose, treat, and plan a proper course for resolving the source of your injury/pain.  Your first visit can range from 30 to 60 minute 

A brief acute/focused new patient visit of 30 minutes fee is 175, whereas a complex chronic new patient visit of 60 minutes fee is 325.  Our fees are based on 15 minute increments at a fee of 75 per 15 minutes.  Minimum first appointment time is 30 minutes.  All appointments are dedicated time with the doctor. 

Please contact us at 512.757.0094 if there is any concern on this visit.  We want to provide you the highest quality of service and enjoyable experience by dedicating the proper time to you.

Returning/Existing Patient
  • Dedicated Short Visit for Single Muscle Release or Adjustment
  •         10-15 minute visit
  • Dedicated Standard Visit for Single Area/Joint/Muscle
  • 25-30 minute visit for treatment on single area
  • Dedicated Extended/Chronic visit for Multiple Areas/Joints/Muscles
  • 55-60 minute visit for treatment on multiple areas

Your specific treatment plan to get optimal results will be discussed with you on your first visit, and altered as needed for greatest results!

For more information about sports medicine or to make an appointment please click the "SCHEDULE NOW" link below for Online Scheduling, or call us at (512) 757-0094. 

Online scheduling

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