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Every time you eat, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.

What kind of food should I be eating?

Is organic food a fade?

Which supplements should I consume?

How many grams of protein should I consume each day?

Am I getting anything out of my multi-vitamin?

What foods should I eat if I have been diagnosed with high cholesterol?  or high blood pressure?

Which protein powder is best?

What is this fish oil thing?

What is coconut oil?

These are all common questions we hear on a daily basis from patients at our clinic. 

Here at ChiroSports, we work to understand what your goals or personal needs are, and strive to provide you with the most effective food and supplementation regimen.  From gaining muscle to losing weight to detox/cleanse, we are happy to help!

Our process may require using diagnostic labs, such as bloodwork, in order to provide the highest standard of care.

It is our mission to make you healthy, both inside and out.

Give us a call at 512.757.0094 to discuss how to gain control of your life!

"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison"  -A.W.

Don't waste your time on UNPROVEN gimics!

Start an IMMEDIATE Results based weight loss program UNDER Doctor's Supervision!

Here at ChiroSports, Dr. Ron will provide all the necessary material for you to succeed, AND personally guide you to reach your goals!

Now is the time!

"Nothing feels as good, as being skinny feels."

America is the most obese country in the world, making Americans the most obese people in the world.  

Our lives actually revolve around food, instead of eating to survive.  

We have gotten away from healthy lifestyles of clean eating and exercise, to sedentary disease ridden lifestyles of dirty eating and little to no exercise.  

It is time to grab hold of your life and make the change.

NOW is that time! 

Out of all the weight loss programs out there, one thing is not addressed...resetting the metabolism.  We need to change it to burn faster and cleaner.

This is accomplished with the HCG Weight Loss Program.  This program consists of 4 Phases and are capable of providing truly remarkable results.  The program includes detox, cleanse, weight loss, and metabolism resetting.  This "phased" program is designed to educate the patient to understand their body and how to keep the weight off for the LONG-term.  
It is common to lose 
20-30 pounds in 30-40 days!

In 2011, Dr. Ron, himself, has LOST 31 25 DAYS!!!!!! 
ght Loss Program.  His BLOOD PRESSURE DROPPED 12 points!!!  His CHOLESTEROL went down 40 points!  AND he has successfully kept it OFF since!

Remember, you only have ONE body, and it is with you for life.
-Dr. Ron

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